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Our Products

Welcome to Memorial Rocks Australia (formerly known as Memorial Rock Safes Australia) established in 2009, the home of the Australian brand Memorial Rocks Australia concrete funeral products, memorial headstones, plaques, and memorial rock products with a sealable internal cavity for the safe keeping of our loved ones' ashes. A truly unique, practical, caring idea. 

Being the originators of this lightweight concrete based product, we strive for absolute quality and customer service. 

We offer free Australia wide delivery.

We are happy for you to make an appointment to view our available Memorial Rocks at our Gold Coast display at any convenient time.

Our collection of outdoor cremation rock urns comes in a variety of colours and contours. Each rock urn is unique, being individually handcrafted, not a single rock urn is the same as another. The rock urn can be used as a headstone, memorial stone, garden ornament or garden feature.

There are two sizes to choose from: 

  • Medium size Memorial Rock Urns (inters 1 ash urn)
  • Large size Memorial Rock Urns (can inter 2 ash urns)

Quality bronze plaques (4 sizes) are also available and can be affixed to your chosen Memorial Rock prior to shipping or pick-up.

Product Features:

  • Fibre-mesh reinforced lightweight concrete construction.
  • External size is approximately: 470mm wide x 360mm deep x 300mm high. (Large range). 
  • Internal cavity size is 350mm x 280mm x 160mm. It will hold two standard Australian sized ash containers and memorabilia (Large range).
  • A provided durable lightweight concrete base plate is sealed into rock to become a 'safe'!
  • An ample space is created on each rock where a plaque can be affixed if desired.
  • Product weight between approximately 15kg to 30kg according to range. Easily relocatable yet sufficiently theft and element resistant.
  • Each rock is uniquely hand shaped and coloured. No two rocks are alike.

Please contact us on 0413 770 272 or email